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A brief history of Axis House, Specialists in Mining Reagents

The core business of Axis House understands the needs of our mineral processing clients and addresses those needs with quality products, people and service.

The beginning

Axis House commenced business in 2001 when Central Africa was a challenge within which to operate a mining business. The producers in these ‘pioneering’ regions faced instability in all facets of the production process. One of the problems that uncertainty brought was lack of finance. Working capital constraints limited the amount of stock that these clients could reflect on their balance sheets and running out of consumables was a reality in this harsh environment.
Axis House took the initiative to become the first company to hold significant stocks of long lead time items – close to market with unsecured commitments from clients. Our professional approach to logistics management enabled some of our clients (in land-locked countries) to reduce stock cover from 120 days down to 21 days.
Since the establishment of Axis House it has become a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, with clients across the globe.
We have a fully equipped laboratory, with milling, flotation, sedimentation, leaching and analytical equipment, that enables us to accurately benchmark alternate reagent suites against each other. Our constant monitoring of the world chemical market means we bring reagents to our clients as soon as they become economically viable.