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Are your extraction processes starting to become an ORE-deal?

Mining & Chemical Manufacture

Axis House supplies a full range of mining reagents to mineral processors.  The range includes flotation reagents such as: collectors; depressants; froth modifiers and flocculants; leaching reagents (including pH modifiers); acids; solvent extractants and diluents.

In 2008, Axis House acquired the hydroxamate business from ASX-listed Ausmelt.  This broadened the company’s oxide flotation offering of sulphidisation reagents (and their successful application); modified fatty acids and amines (Rinkalore range) to also include the Ausmelt range of hydroxamate oxide collectors.  This move enabled Axis House to provide a full range of oxide flotation reagents.

Owning the technology allows us to improve it, which we do in conjunction with our clients and AECI division: Industrial Oleo Chemical Products.