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Floating through life’s ORE-deals – we’ve got you covered.

Oxide Flotation

Oxide Flotation Reagent Specialist for ten years

Axis House not only supply, but also produce a range of collectors specifically for the flotation of metal oxides. We have been successful in floating a vast range of minerals including Chrysocolla, Heterogenite and Malachite in conventional flotation circuits. The Axis House product range is currently in use in concentrators in Morocco, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Russia and Zambia.

Technical Expertise Metallurgy

Axis House takes Research & Development seriously. In 2005 we commissioned a Flotation Laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa. Later in 2009 we acquired a Metallurgical Laboratory in Sydney and a R&D Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. Axis House does not charge for the R&D carried out in Cape Town and Melbourne. These two laboratories offer a fully complimentary service to existing and prospective clients.

Practical Application Technology

In our R&D, we have found that the development of mining reagents often requires a broad based approach to innovation which mirrors the complexities of the ore bodies themselves. A practical application technology strategy is followed with Axis House providing a complimentary suite selection and optimization service to clients, who are mainly interested in the Axis House developed technology of combining fatty acids, hydroxamates and sulphidisation suites to effectively and economically float oxide minerals. The solution is to develop suites of reagents which will function synergistically and can optimise both the use of the Client’s processing equipment and the selective collecting power of the reagent. Axis House has developed a range of REO Flotation reagent molecules.

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