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PGM Reagents

Axis House is a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, servicing clients across the globe. Axis House has manufactured a range of products specifically for the Platinum Group of Metals namely:

  • Primary Collectors
  • Depressants
  • Frothers
  • Flocculants

These products ensure optimal ore recovery.


HydrofrothTM Range

Optimal froth conditions are created by effectively controlling the laminar layer development and allowing for proper gangue drainage. Combined with improved water rejection ability that promotes final concentrate grade improvements, the HydrofrothTM range also speeds up kinetics whilst maintaining froth mobility.



Brontë Range

Polyacrylamides with a range of different charge strengths and molecular weight, improve the settling rate at various solid and liquid separation stages in mineral processing – such as thickening of flotation concentrates, recovery of pregnant leach liquors and dewatering of tailings.


  • Xanthates
  • Guar
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Lime




A neutral oily specialised liquid sulphide collector that can be used as a complete replacement for xanthate collectors. The collector is both a short-chained and a branched alkyl group, rendering the minerals’ surfaces hydrophobic at a faster rate than the xanthate collectors. This is very beneficial when dealing with non-sulphide PGMs, such as tellurides and arsenides that have slow flotation kinetics. Benefits are: improved grades, rejection of iron-impurities and very low doses.


In an alkaline circuit, flotation reagent is more selective against iron sulphides and displays weak collective power towards pyrite. In relation to the PGM industry, a key characteristic of the collectors is its fast kinetics contribution which is key when dealing with the slow floating minerals. The liquid nature of the product significantly improves the shelf life and adds to the ease of dosing as no additional make-up is required.


A liquid sulphide collector that can be used as a complete replacement or as a secondary collector with xanthates. The minimum interaction between the DPG4 collector and mineral surface is sufficient to impart hydrophobicity to the mineral surface. The residual DPG4 collector molecules aggregates onto the bubble-particle interphase. This process stabilises the agglomerate, resulting in higher concentrate grades.

When DPG4 is used as a secondary collector, the collector adsorbs on strong sites and the xanthate adsorbs on the remaining weaker sites on the sulphide mineral surface. This results in a greater surface coverage, thereby enhancing the adsorption of xanthate onto sulphide minerals and improving the PGM recovery.



Revadep Tal-D

Talc is a naturally floating gangue mineral found in PGM ores and has a hydrophobic nature that increases with milling intensity. As a result, talc is a major concern for PGM producers who are mandated with fine grind milling. Revadep Tal-D adsorbs onto the talc surface, making the surface hydrophilic, thus reporting to the tailings and improving the grade of the concentrate.

Revadep Sil-D 

Fine grinding associated with PGM beneficiation often results in the formation of slimes that coat the mineral particles, retarding collector adsorption. Silicates are a common contaminant of PGM concentrate. Silicates are efficiently depressed using Revadep Sil-D. The product utilises the ability to completely bond with activating cations in a chelating fashion, thus depressing the targeted gangue minerals, while also dispersing fine clay-like particles. This allows the clean mineral surface to interact with the collector.

Revadep Pt+

Revadep Pt+ is particularly effective with talc or clay bearing ore bodies. It forms a layer of cationic ions on the gangue mineral surface, changing their interaction from attractive to repulsive. The Revadep Pt+ product results in the gangue mineral being dispersed, resulting in a decrease in pulp viscosity and a cleaner valuable mineral surface for adsorption with collector molecules. The result of the altered gangue mineral surface charge is an improvement in froth drainage and PGM concentrate grade.

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